Selim Gustav Adolf Palmgren (Feb. 16, 1878 - Dec. 13, 1951) was a Finnish composer, conductor, and pianist. He studied at the Helsinki Conservatory in Helsinki from 1895 to 1899, then continued his piano studies in Berlin. He conducted several orchestras and music societies in Finland, and had successful performances as a pianist in Finland and Scandanavia. In 1921 he moved to the United States to teach at the Eastman School of Music, and from 1936 - 1951, he was Professor of Harmony and Composition at the Sibelius Academy. 

Palmgren was a genius at creating expansive moods and atmospheres with only the smallest of musical gestures. Throughout Raindrops, the first movement of his 3 Piano Pieces, Op.54, you'll hear the steady trickle of raindrops in the octave motif in the piano. Slow moving chords create a calm atmosphere while the rain continues throughout, as if the listener is looking out the window, waiting for the rain to stop.

You can listen to this lovely piece here:

Risto Lauriala