Tom Turpin (1871-1922) was a composer, saloon-owner, and powerful man in the black community of St. Louis at the turn of the century - even earning the nickname "Father of St. Louis Ragtime." Famously, his piano had to be raised on cement blocks for him to play as he was exceptionally tall and rotund, making his stomach an obstacle to playing at the normal height of a piano!

His A Rag-Time Nightmare is a light and approachable rag that is very true to the style of rag of the era (this version was published in 1900). After a quick fanfare of chords, a light rag melody is heard, before being interrupted by the chords once more. We're then treated to the main theme uninterrupted. A second light and lilting theme is accompanied by a very traditional rag accompaniment in the left hand.

While the "nightmare" may not be heard in this lively work, it's sure to give your fingers a workout!