British composer Maria Hester Park (née Reynolds) was a classical era performer and composer of some renowned, a rarity for the time. Ms. Park performed a number of well received recitals as a pianist before her marriage, at which time she retreated to a life of teaching and composition. We're fortunate to have a number of her works that have survived, including "A Waltz" that we look at today.

Many of Ms. Park's works were popular in the salons of the day, including this light work that is truly emblematic of the dance movements of the classical era. Some of her works have been referred to as having "Mozartian" qualities, but Park was a correspondent of Haydn's, sharing her works. Haydn shared his 51st Piano Sonata in return as a thank you.

A Waltz is a simple and approachable work in Eb Major that has many of the stylistic components of a classical waltz, with an approachable melody and a standard harmonic structure that makes the work an excellent accompaniment to any standard classical fare.