April 2021

  1. Obscure Music Monday: Chaminade's Piano Trio No. 1

    Cécile Louise Stéphanie Chaminade (Aug. 8, 1857 - April 13, 1944) was a French pianist and composer. Her first teacher was her mother, and she also took violin and compositions; sadly her father disapproved.Despite her father's disapproval, Chaminade was composing at a young age, and at eight years old she played some of her music for George Bizet, who was...
  2. Obscure Music Monday: Dukas' La plainte, au loin, du faune

    Paul Abraham Dukas (Oct. 1, 1865 - May 17, 1935)  was a French composer, professor, and critic, born in to a Jewish family. The second of three children, Dukas didn't show any extraordinary musical talent, despite taking piano from a young age, until his teenage years, when he started to compose while recovering from an illness. When he was 16...
  3. Obscure Music Monday: Ibert's Matin sur l'eau

    Jacques François Antoine Marie Ibert (Aug. 15, 1890 - Feb. 5, 1962) was a French composer, born in Paris. His father a businessman, and mother a talented pianist, young Ibert was encouraged in his musical journeys. He started piano and violin at age four, and entered the Paris Conservatory in 1910. His studies were interrupted by World War I, where he was a naval officer, but he resumed his studies later on, and won the famous Prix de Rome on his first attempt in 1919.  Continue reading →
  4. Obscure Music Monday: Bax's Elegiac Trio

    Sir Arnold Edward Trevor Bax (Nov. 8, 1883 - Oct. 3, 1953) was an English poet, author, and composer. His output was prolific, and spanned several genres, from choral works to chamber pieces to orchestral music. His music was for a while neglected, and then revived, though predominantly as recordings; we still don't see his work programmed very often in concert halls. Continue reading →

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