May 2017

  1. Obscure Music Monday: Draeseke's Romanze for Horn and Piano

    Felix August Bernhard Draeseke (Oct. 7, 1835 - Feb. 25, 1913) was a German composer and teacher who was drawn to music very early in life; his first composition was at the age of 8. Continue reading →
  2. Obscure Music Monday: Findeisen's Romantic Suite

    Theodor Albin Findeisen (Oct. 1, 1881 - March 3, 1936) was a German double bassist, composer and pedagogue. Continue reading →
  3. Obscure Music Monday: Suk's Serenade for Strings

    Josef Suk (Jan. 4, 1874 - May 29, 1935) was a Czech composer and violinist. He began his musical training at an early age, learning the violin, organ, and piano from his father. Suk went on to study composition at the Prague Conservatory, with his most famous teacher being Antonin Dvořák, and the two became close, trusted friends. Suk ended up marrying Dvořák's  daughter, Otilie. Continue reading →
  4. Obscure Music Monday: Raff's Prelude to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

    Joseph Joachim Raff (May 27, 1822 - June 24 or 25, 1882) was a German-Swiss composer, pianist, and teacher who was largely self taught. As a child he showed much talent on the piano and violin, and taught himself the rudiments of music. Continue reading →
  5. Obscure Music Monday: Palmgren's May Night

    Selim Palmgren (Feb. 16, 1878 - Dec. 13, 1951) was a Finnish composer, conductor, and pianist. At the age of 20, he traveled to Berlin to study with Conrad Ansorge (a student of Liszt) and also to Weimar where he had a masterclass with Ferrucio Busoni. Palmgren's successful career was planted firmly when he was the soloist for the premiere of his First Piano Concerto; it was met with acclaim. During a tour of the USA in 1919, he was offered a position at the Eastman School of Music, in Rochester, NY, teaching composition (Sibelius was offered this position earlier, but declined). Palmgren held the post from 1921 - 1926, and from 1939 until his death, he was professor of Composition at the Sibelius Academy Helsinki. Continue reading →

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