Our Environmental Commitment

We realize that printed sheet music has an environmental impact, but also understand that digital options are not sufficient for most of the needs of classical musicians yet. In order to minimize our environmental footprint, we continually evaluate options to minimize our impact.

Our Printing

While we are not able to use a recycled paper for the printing of sheet music, due to the quality of papers available today, we only use paper that comes from sustainably managed forests. Our primary vendor for paper uses their forests as a protected environment for endangered plants that are slow growing and require the shade of other trees.

For our other printing needs, such as packing slips and general letters, we only use paper that is made from 100% recycled materials. All scrap paper and misprints are recycled through our local recycling programs.

For our spiral bound books, we use a spiral coil that is made from 100% recycled plastic. All coil trimmings are also recycled to eliminate plastic waste from our production.

Our Packaging

One of the biggest impacts for many online merchants is in packaging. We are pleased to have sourced sturdy mailers that are made from 100% recycled material.  In addition to being made from recycled material, these mailers can be recycled in any recylcing program that supports paperboard products (the same material used in most food packaging).

For some products, we utilize padded mailers that include a plastic bubble wrap liner to protect your purchase. The brand of mailer we use has a liner that is easily removed from the paper exterior, with the liner being recyclable as a plastic bag.

For our largest shipments that require a box package, we regularly recycle packaging that is used by our vendors to provide supplies to us as a preferred package. If an appropriate recycled package is not available, we utilize cardboard boxes that are fully recyclable.

Our Shipments

Most of our shipments utilize the U.S. Postal Service, or international postal services, for transit on existing routes that do not require a special trip by a courier to your house or place of business, reducing the impact of our shipments. For shipments that utilize other routings, we use UPS and utilize their Carbon Neutral Shipping options, which offsets the carbon emissions that are generated by the delivery of your package.