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Obscure Music Mondays

  • Obscure Music Monday: Sancho's Twelve Country Dances

    Charles Ignatius Sancho (c. 1729 - Dec. 14, 1780) was a composer, writer, and actor born on a slave ship in the Middle Passage. Not long after he was born, his mother passed away, and his father took his own...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Galos' Souvenir des Champs

    Giselle Galos (commonly known as C. Galos) was an obscure 19th century pianist and composer, born in France.  Very little is known about her; she didn't perform in public, and mainly published her works under the name "C. Galos" and...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Delius' Summer Night on the River

    Frederick Theodore Albert Delius (Jan. 29, 1862 - June 10, 1934) was an English composer, born in to a wealthy family. Delius didn't want to go in to business and commerce like his family, and resisted it as much as...