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Obscure Music Mondays

  • Obscure Music Monday: Bonis' Sonata for Cello and Piano

    Mélanie Hélène Bonis, known as Mel Bonis, (Jan. 21, 1858 - March 18, 1937) was a French late Romantic composer. Bonis wrote an incredible amount of music for many genres. Growing up in a strict Catholic household, Bonis' parents did...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Bantock's The Witches Frolic

    Sir Granville Ransome Bantock (Aug. 7, 1868 - Oct. 16, 1946) was a British composer and conductor, born in London. His parents hoped he would enter the Indian Civil Service, but poor health would prevent him from that. He turned to...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Smyth's Violin Sonata

    Dame Ethel Mary Smyth DBE (April 22,1858 - May 8, 1944) was an English composer and member of the women's suffrage movement. The fourth of eight children, Smyth showed a keen interested in music as a career. Her father, a major...