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Obscure Music Mondays

  • Obscure Music Monday: Bonis' Piano Quartet No. 2

    We've previously taken a look at the Piano Quartet No. 1 by the talented Mel Bonis. This week, we look at her Piano Quartet No. 2, Op. 124, a later work from 1927. The second Piano Quartet is dedicated to...

  • Obscure Music Mondays: Widor's Symphony for Organ & Orchestra

    Charles-Marie Widor was a powerhouse writer for the organ, writing many symphonies for organ alone that took advantage of the varied voices to give a full symphonic form. It was in 1880, however, that he was approached by the future...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Turpin's A Rag-Time Nightmare

    Tom Turpin (1871-1922) was a composer, saloon-owner, and powerful man in the black community of St. Louis at the turn of the century - even earning the nickname "Father of St. Louis Ragtime." Famously, his piano had to be raised...