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Obscure Music Mondays

  • Obscure Music Monday: Park's Piano Sonata in C Major

    Many of the composers we feature in Obscure Music Mondays come from the Romantic and Modern eras, simply as a result of wider publication of music during those times. Today we move back to a much lesser known composer of...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Coleridge-Taylor's Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?

    Samuel Coleridge-Taylor took inspiration from many spirituals in his writing, often arranging them for new ensembles or building works around these themes. These could take the forms of piano works (such as his 24 Negro Melodies), vocal works (such as...

  • Obscure Music Monday: Popy's Sphinx

    Today we take a look at a longer waltz by Francis Popy (1874-1928), his Sphinx. This waltz for piano was believed to have been performed on the ill-fated journey of the RMS Titanic, earning it the nickname of the "Titanic...