About our binding options

Many of our printed documents include options in how you would like to have the part or score bound - a unique ability thanks to our print on demand technology. Below are descriptions of each binding type. To choose a different binding, look for "Binding Upgrade Options" on any product page.

Unless otherwise indicated, documents are printed on US Letter paper (8.5" x 11"). Most documents are also able to be upgraded to large print (9" x 12") for easier reading.

Flat Binding

Flat Bound

Flat bound documents are a booklet folded in the middle, with staples securing the part allowing for easy use on a stand. Most parts and shorter scores are bound in this manner.

Durable Cover

Flat Bound with Durable Cover

Bound identically to a flat bound part, a poly cover gives extra durability to your music. We utilize a synthetic paper made out of polyester that provides a sturdy cover, but with enough flexibility to allow music to lay flat. As the paper is made out of polyester, there are no issues with delamination common to laminated paper.

Spiral Binding  

Spiral Bound

Spiral bound douments are a book held together with a plastic coil along the left hand side of the book, allowing thicker scores to lie flat on a stand. Most large scores and some scores and parts that are printed in a landscape orientation are bound with spiral binding. Durable covers are also available with spiral bound books.

Paperback Book  

Paperback Bound

Paperback bound documents are bound using a thermal paperback book binding, creating a sturdy binding that is ideal for studying or transport. A paperback book will not easily lie flat on a stand, however is more durable than spiral binding. Durable covers are also available with paperback bound books.

Hardcover Book  

Hardcover Bound

Hardcover bound documents are bound using a glued spine adhering the pages together with a hard cover that has been crimped. This is our most durable cover, ideal for long term usage, however scores will not lie flat on a stand with a hard cover without damaging the binding.