At Performer's Edition, we believe strongly in making new music available for study and performance. As such, we are regularly searching for new works to share with our customers worldwide. We believe new music should be spread and performed, so we market new works regularly to individuals and performing ensembles. 

Why work with a publisher?

In today's world, many composers take an approach of self-publishing and marketing their own works. Working with a publisher, however, allows you to focus on the creative aspects while we handle the business aspects that most artists don't have experience with. In addition, we are able to leverage our existing customer relationships and scale of operatings to market your works more effectively.  Publishing is about more than sheet music - other things a publisher does for you include:

  • Grand rights management (use of your music in stage productions)
  • Mechanical rights management (use of your music in recordings)
  • Sync rights management (use of your music in film and television)
  • Derivative rights management (adaptations and arrangements of your music)
  • Ensuring you are paid for all use of your music for performance rights, broadcast rights, streaming rights, and more.
  • Marketing your work to the appropriate clientele

At Performer's Edition, we take a different approach to our relationships with composers than other publishers. It is our belief that the composer should be compensated fairly for the value of their work in relationship to the income received, so our reimbursements to composers are higher than other publishers for services rendered. We are here to help get your music performed rather than just sit on a shelf because no one knows about it or because the music is unaffordable due to high fees from a traditional publisher.


To submit a score for consideration, please use the chat box in the lower right hand corner of this page to ask for submission details. Scores may be submitted in a variety of formats - including written manuscript, Finale MUS, MusicXML, SCORE, Lilypond. As we do not work with large print runs, we publish works that many other publishers will not due to the limited sales potential.

Our areas of focus for new works include:

  • New Orchestral Works
  • New Chamber Ensemble Works
  • New Works for Solo Instruments with or without accompaniment
  • New Works for Choral Ensembles (Sacred or Secular)
  • Arrangements of public domain music for String Quartet
  • Arrangements of public domain music for school ensembles (orchestra, band, or choir)
  • Educational Methods