Josef Suk (Jan. 4, 1874 - May 29, 1935) was a Czech composer and violinist. He began his musical training at an early age, learning the violin, organ, and piano from his father. Suk went on to study composition at the Prague Conservatory, with his most famous teacher being Antonin Dvořák, and the two became close, trusted friends. Suk ended up marrying Dvořák's  daughter, Otilie.

About Friendship is one of Suk's many piano works; he wrote it for the 10th wedding anniversary of his friend Hugo Boettinger, a painter. Coming in around five minutes, this piece isn't very long, but it what it lacks in length it makes up for in colorful and dense harmonies, and bold melodic lines. Though harmonic progressions are thick, they are never heavy or dull, and the piece moves along smoothly, thinning out at the end, when it fades away peacefully.

We haven't found a recording of this piece, sadly. Let's hope that changes soon!