Many of the composers we feature in Obscure Music Mondays come from the Romantic and Modern eras, simply as a result of wider publication of music during those times. Today we move back to a much lesser known composer of the Classical era, Maria Hester Park. Her Piano Sonata in C Major, Op. 7 was first published in 1796 at the height of the Classical era.

Park was a talented pianist and teacher, who taught many students in the British nobility. She was also a prolific composer, with works that were popular in salons throughout her home country.

The Piano Sonata in C Major, written just 5 years after Mozart's death, is often compared to the stylistic writing of that great master, however upon listening, you can certainly hear not just the style of Mozart, but also hints at what is to come from the early works of Beethoven (whose Piano Sonata No. 1 was published the same year.

As you can hear, the work is a delight to listen to, but is also very approachable for the performer. With undulating arpeggiations and scales, the work will challenge your basic technique, but is easily approachable by advanced students and amateur pianists!