Thanks to one of our loyal customers, we've discovered the works of Leonhard von Call (also known as Leonhard de Call). A talented guitar and mandolin player, Call became known for his works written for his student ensembles. Today we look at one of those for the unique combination of Flute, Viola, & Guitar, the Sérénade, Op. 66.

Call wrote many works for flute (another instrument he dabbled in) & guitar, with many adding in violin, but a small selection include the viola instead, providing a nice balance with the viola filling in the mid-range well. This work, coming in over 15 minutes, has a well balanced structure and is an excellent example of the classical style of Austria at the time, with hints of Mozartian sounds and early Beethoven clear in his writing.

Most importantly, since these works were written for students, they are accessible to a wide range of musicians, from amateur to professional, giving you the opportunity to shine on the beautiful lyrical melodies of this work, with parts well balanced between the instruments.