About Performer's Reprints

All Performer's Reprints are reproductions of historical publications that are now in the public domain, originally produced by a variety of publishers. Most of these reprints are produced in conjunction with our partners at the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP). In addition to documents in their collection, we seek out and acquire additional works through various activities.

One of the key challenges with historical documents is the quality of print. With many Internet downloadable scores, printing documents at home provides an unacceptable quality of document - either difficult to read because of quality of the document or size.

Having produced digital reprints for many years, we've developed many proprietary processes that allow us to create a better quality of print for you than you can get at home. We use more of the page than home printing allows, for larger type size, and clean many stray markings and damage from the scores we process. We're also able to use the same printing equipment and paper used for our Performer's Editions, so you benefit from higher print quality and a better quality of paper - at a price comparable to the cost of printing at home!

One of the key processes we've developed is in enhancing the quality of print from older documents, particularly with yellowed backgrounds. Our processes remove the haze of the background paper and increase the darkness of the type to make it more readable. While some documents have significant fading and lost ink that cannot be repaired (most common in scores from the early 1800's by a number of French and Italian publishers), most scores are able to be restored to their original state.

As an example, here is a sample of a vocal work that is available for download via the Internet:

If this document were printed at home, what would appear on the printed page:

By applying our proprietary processes to digitized scores, we're able to produce a much higher quality print for you, as shown here:

If you have questions on our reprints, or are simply looking for a work that is not in our catalog, so you'd like us to search for it, please use the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to reach out to us!