Giselle Galos (commonly known as C. Galos) was an obscure 19th century pianist and composer, born in France.  Very little is known about her; she didn't perform in public, and mainly published her works under the name "C. Galos" and no one knew if they were a woman or man. Some earlier works were found however, with the name "Madmoiselle Giselle Galos" or "Giselle Galos", therefore confirming they were written by a woman.

Most of her works were salon pieces written for piano. Souvenir des Champs, translated as "Memories of the Countryside," is no exception. This piece in 12/8 has a simple, pretty melody with an interesting dance-like middle section. From the embellishments of the main melody to the dance-like part, this work conveys a few different moods and atmospheres in its short four minutes, making for an enjoyable listen!

Sadly we can't find any recordings of this, but we hope that changes soon!